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Your virtual hand-me-down network.

Where did we come from? A message from the founder: 

Baby Bay Box is inspired by the families that I met while I worked as a nanny in the Bay Area. From my close contact with these parents, I learned how quickly babies and toddlers grow out of their clothes and how difficult it can be to maintain a baby's wardrobe that keeps up with the pace. In addition, I learned that parents in my area were spending an exorbitant amount of money keeping their children comfortable and stylish in clothes that are eco-friendly . To try to minimize cost, many families used a  “hand-me-downs” system among friends or family, but I saw more potential in these networks. To assuage this problem, I came up with an idea for a virtual hand-me-down network: Baby Bay Box. We circulate 100% organic baby clothes in an effort to save parents money and time, while also decreasing environmental impact. Once an item gets worn out or stained, we will donate it to a family in-need. I am so thrilled that this idea is finally coming to life. Thank you so much for your support!

-Anna Dailey